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Local artist celebrates 2 years of supporting creators and charities

This interview took place in Sacramento, California at the offices of Sactown Magazine on July 24, 2025 – Curtis Yee

John Heilbron is a Sacramento artist and resident that started a non-profit organization to support local artists in pursuing their dreams in autonomy and recognition for their creative expression. Sacramento Evolutionary Arts and Recognition for Charity (SEARCH) started as a vision that came to John following the completion of his journey with the worldwide mastermind community known as the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA). “Mastermind” in this case refers to a group of two or more people working together in perfect harmony. His journey allowed him to expand his awareness which then allowed new ideas to flow to him organically. As these ideas seemed to arrive endlessly, he began writing them in a journal to later reflect and refine those that stimulated his passion for creating art and helping others achieve their own success.

“So John, tell me how your vision of SEARCH first arrived with you?”

“Well, I actually had a recurring dream of a very large warehouse with smooth concrete walls surrounded by high windows and skylights, which allowed natural light to pour into the space.” John spoke softly yet confidently.

“I see, what happened next?”

John’s eyes lit up as his enthusiasm elevated, “The dream lasted for 2-3 weeks and included only the space itself with the light beaming in. So I started sketching what I saw until the space became very clear to me. After I had a focused image, I could see people filling the space and creating their art. There was a ceramics section with pottery wheels, tables and kilns. Another area had easels, adjustable desks, space for models for drawing and painting.”There were large moveable walls that could be configured into different dimensions for multiple uses including art exhibition. This is essentially what exists today, although it is designed to change and evolve as well.”

“What’s changed or evolved over the last two years with SEARCH?”

“Initially we created a space for artists to thrive creatively in a community space with other art innovators to form a creative vibration leading to collaboration, ideation, manifestation and further evolution.”

“The first group of 200 artists were given access to the space, materials and time without having to pay for rent or supplies for the first year, but only if they agreed to mentor artists that followed in their footsteps, take responsibility for managing, cleaning, scheduling and securing the space. After a year, the members also agree to donate a nominal monthly fee in addition to providing guidance to new members. All funding for this project came through state and federal grants and private donations. All artists follow the guidelines. This has become an autonomous operation”

“The RCH part of our acronym means Recognition for Charity. We chose the word recognition to bring awareness and recognize our local charities that support people in need. A sliding scale percentage of art exhibition sales combined with the continuous generous support of our donors allow us to donate to these charities.”

If you are interested in learning more about SEARCH or becoming a donor, please contact John by email: