Week 7 – Master Key Experience

I fell behind a bit this week and missed the Sunday webinar due to going out of town to celebrate my Mother-In-Law’s birthday. It was a nice getaway up to the foothills where I experienced “graupel” for the first time! Graupel is a German word for sleet, but this phenomena refers more to “precipitation that forms when supercooled water droplets are collected and freeze on falling snowflakes, forming 2-5 mm balls of rime.” The cafe table where we were sitting was bathed in sunlight for about 10 minutes, when the clouds brought about this new experience, which transmuted into rime. I would describe rime as miniature “Hershey Kiss”-shaped soft snow globs. While the rest of our family and other cafe patrons retreated for shelter under the eaves of the historic gold rush building, my son and I sat in wonder. I caught a slow-mo film with my phone of the graupel pelting his rain shell which followed closely a joyous 11 year-old grin emerging from his elated face. 10 minutes or so after, we were surrounded by a deep blue rectangle of sky lined with billowing gray-white clouds and the beauty of the triangulated green pine tips, red circular leaves overlapping squared yellow foliage changing with the season. It was a blissful few minutes enjoying pure nature with my son.

Today I listened to the webcast for week 7 while driving to and from the Bay Area from Sacramento for work. I was/am blown away! Holy Universe Batman! What revelation(s) came about while listening to this? I realized that the prior weeks were the foundational components and this week was so juicy and real and applicable for me! Replacing negativity bias (thousands of years genetic blueprint) What?! Yes!! with POSITIVITY bias (do it now!) is just like replacing negative habits with good habits – Just like that?! What?! Yes!! Keep my opinions to myself. Oh we’re supposed to keep that going? Mental diet – yes please! The unbelievable is believable! When Mark asked one of the MKE members in the Q&A how she felt not offering her opinion, she said she felt peaceful. Why go back to being unpeaceful – tears! Does any of that make sense? YES!! I just know positive transformation IS FUN!

So, I’m subscribed to a list to receive texts for ordering albums by mail. When signing up, I chose different genres of music and this company sends various albums of varying artists once a week. I received a text from them earlier this week featuring an album for an artist called Childish Gambino. I had never listened to his music before getting this alert, but recognized his face on the cover of the album as I’ve seen him on a tv show called Community and in the Star Wars film called Solo. In addition to being a musician, he is a writer, actor and stand-up comedian – multi-talented! His birth name is Donald Glover and so I was curious how he came up with his music name. He used a name generator created by the hip hop group called the Wu-Tang Clan. I was curious how the name generator worked, so I googled my way to the website and entered my first, middle and last names into the generator. The result came back after several seconds of anticipation. This is what it said: John Alexander Heilbron, from this day forward you will also be known as X-pert Mastermind – What?! Yes!!

This kind of thing has been happening for the last few weeks. It makes sense for what we focus on emerges! I could go on and on, but here’s one that came up earlier this evening. My wife bought me a gift certificate for one of my favorite local book shops for my birthday last month. I went for a browse and found a book called The Puzzle Universe – A History of Mathematics in 315 Puzzles. I like puzzles and decide to get the book because it has a lot of fun and interesting art, illustrations and historical references. When I get home I start reading the first chapter which starts talking about creativity and intelligence, then creativity and problem solving. The section below that has a subheading titled “INTRODUCING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS” What?! Yes!! A Dutch professor from the University of Nijmegen states “In the course of our lives, the subconscious handles over 90 percent of our problem solving. Complex decisions are best left to your unconscious mind to work out.” That sounds very familiar!

Signing off from Ether & Earth

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