Week 5 – Master Key Experience

I had an insight in the shower the other day… I envisioned a tapestry full of beautifully swirling patterns layered with intricate deep reds and blues. All of this was intertwined with golden thread that balanced and enriched the deeper tones of color. All of this was a flash that lasted seconds and then faded. And now more of a quilt appeared. This quilt had a patchwork of square shapes were all different sizes with some being pure, clean, new and others were well worn, tattered and yet others mere threads hanging, clinging haphazardly together. Some squares were brightly colored and vibrant, dynamic while others were dull, flat and singular. Something magnificent was happening – the same type of golden thread I had seen in the tapestry was weaving itself through this mixture of patches and reinforcing the squares slowly, methodically stitching, connecting and linking them. The tatters were mended, the threads were bound, strengthened and adjoined to the vivid until the whole large square became one unified piece. Once I noticed it was complete, the gold continued, this time like an electric sewing machine, back and forth each line overlapping the previous until the quilt was completely engulfed in shimmering gold.

The tapestry is who I want to become and the quilt is the process of how I get there. I am striving for excellence and embracing and enjoying the process. Thanks for reading.

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