Week 4 – Master Key Experience

Last Sunday was the start of my fourth week in the Mastermind Experience and I really felt like quitting. I was exhausted (aka resistance) and reached the point where I had to make a commitment to move forward with the program, or not. I felt fear attempting to take advantage of my doubt as it bubbled upward through my body trying to fill me with indecision. I prepared for the webinar like I had the previous three weeks by gathering my binders, notebook, colored pencils and index cards. After positioning myself comfortably on my bed, I paused for a moment to reflect…

The webinar began and the presenters were quite casual and having fun in spite of technical challenges. I felt them ooze passion and enthusiasm with a good dose of genuineness. Is that a word? It’s definitely a mouth full! This laid-back yet intent purpose reminded me why I chose to engage on this path to begin with. The pace felt fast as previous weeks, but easier for me to stay in the flow and the 2 hours blipped by – ahhhhh! I felt relieved and reignited to keep my commitment to persist, push myself, carve out new pathways, practice, practice, practice….

With the grateful help of the “Alchemists” I was successful in “transmuting common substance into a substance of greater value” this week – many thanks to my guides/peers for sharing your experiences on our Zoom call and Marco Polos! I had an amazing insight yesterday while driving between two housing communities where I work: I had my music playing randomly, so songs play spontaneously, which I love! This allows me to hear music I’ve never heard as I often save music that others have shared! So this bluesy piano driven tune chimes on and I’m busy groovin’ to the upbeat rhythms and beats without giving much, if any attention to the lyrics until… this phrase pops through loud and clear to me: “A master keys that fits every lock”! I replayed it 3 or 4 times just to make sure I was hearing it right. I knew what I heard the first time. That lyric sums up exactly where I am on my path this week. I have the key and now know it fits in every lock. I ecstatically look forward to experiencing what unlocks in the coming days, weeks, months…

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