Week one of my new path…

has been exciting and full of activity in getting set for new positive habits! The Master Key Experience is chock full of great content and feels a bit overwhelming as I navigate and learn the system and its processes. I fell behind a few days due to login issues, but was able to resolve with the help of Davene – thanks Davene! I am playing catch up and enjoy being accountable for keeping up with the assignments, readings, videos, blogging and drafting my DMP. Sitting still for 15 minutes has been really interesting for me as well. It is much more difficult than I had anticipated. The awareness of the space around me and the sensations through my body have definitely been heightened. It feels good to do nothing and flow along with whatever and wherever my body and mind go. Reading the GS has been wild too, the content seems a bit different each time I read it as different words and phrases resonate into my being. They are very powerful and my attitude is shifting positive – very cool! Making these commitments to myself is very inspiring and I can see this will become infectious.

2 thoughts on “Week one of my new path…

  1. Welcome to MKE 2020-2021. You write the truth. The sit is my most favorite tool, that I took for granted, until I REALLY SAT. Clearing the mind to let more come in!! The scrolls definitely… I share with you. Looking forward to following your journey. “Great Blue Heron” I’m sure your blog will reveal why you choose such a title. I’ll be back.


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